Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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        The Lodz University of Technology with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was founded by the state decree of 24 May 1945.

Sixteen professors took part in the first  meeting of the Mechanical Faculty Council.

At present the Faculty staff consists of over 200 academics, including 25 professors and 30 associate professors.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is divided into the following units (institutes and departments):
- Institute of Materials Science and Engineering ;
- Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering;
- Institute of Turbomachinery;
- Department of Strength of Materials;
- Department of Dynamics Machines;
- Department of Production Engineering;
- Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics;
- Department of Materials Engineering and Production Systems;
- Department of Vehicles and Fundamentals of Machine Design.



        Nowadays  the labour market is looking for well educated engineers, especially mechanical engineers.

The Faculty contributed substantially to the development of the technical education offering the newest European systems of study.

The Mechanical Faculty  are offered Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies About fourteen thousands engineers were graduated till now.

The studies are carried out in accordance with Bologna system.

The Faculty Mechanical Engineering offers studies in the following fields:
- Mechanical Engineering;
- Materials Engineering;
- Automatic Control and Robotics;
- Production Engineering;
- Power Engineering;
- Transport;
- Mechatronics;
- Space Engineering.